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Automated hiring system - 10 times cheaper than a headhunter!

– Post jobs fast

– Automated candidate invites via LinkedIn InMails and Ads

– 100+ Specialty skill tests 

– Look for the right fit 

– Invite to ”zoom” interview and hire your next A-player

Automated Candidates Search

Artificial intelligence algorithm that scans various platforms such as LinkedIn, Google Jobs, Facebook and more international job boards to discover candidates that match your needs.

This allows us to reach a larger audience of talent than most other recruiting tools.

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Send the candidate a test and get AI recommendation. Choose from 100+ specialties list.

Identify the best candidates in less than 5 minutes 

Job Search

Sales Managers Test

Name Surname

Candidate Potential


TOP 5 qualities of a sales manager



Sales techniques


Product knowledge






3 Groups of Candidates

Actively Seeking


Passive Seekers


Satisfied with Current Job


CV Gorilla Tools Will Help You:

Find the right candidates quickly and efficiently

Offer them attractive job offers

Attract the best talent to your company

Exclusive Premium Advertising Services for Job Ads

Take advantage of our revolutionary automated search tool that brings you both active and passive job seekers directly from LinkedIn and other databases based on criteria such as their professional experience, skills, location and interests. 

Take control in your hands

Let's start with premium advertising, attracting passive and active candidates

Attract thousands of candidates with our automated and targeted advertising!

Google Ads

This advertising package is suitable for various audiences, especially for attracting medium and low-skilled professionals. Good to found for all groups.

Facebook Ads

This advertising package is most suitable when we want to show the power of our company: for example, we are everywhere, come to work with us. It works on the principle of remarketing, who has seen your and competitors’ job ads. Good for all groups.

Targeted Talent Hunt: Go Beyond Job Boards!

Go even further with personalized candidate acquisition. Let’s send automated and personalized invitations directly to candidates, increasing your chances of getting their attention and attracting the best talent that matches the job posting. Great choice for all white label candidate.

Advertisement on the Front Page

With this package, potential candidates and even clients will see you 25 times more often. Suitable for all occasions, good for a group of actively seeking candidates.

Why Choose Cvgorilla?

Increase your chances of finding the best talent.


Start save you time and money.

Variety of tools and services to meet your needs

Experienced team that can help you achieve your goals